Our vision at IKOCHIMIKI is our sustainable development along with human value. The fact that IKOCHIMIKI is a family owned business follows the principles of human safety and environmental protection. We want to be ready for the future and be proud of our activities. For us, innovation means improvements of products’ performance along with attitude improvements towards the environment.

We are flexible so as to meet the changes that take place around us, having as a priority the human force. We encourage initiatives, promote new ideas and contribute to their worries.

We make our decisions based on future development. We succeed that with:

  • good economical rates
  • innovation, product quality, environmental protection
  • human working force growth
  • optimization and not maximization of profits

Our goal is to offer our customers products and services which totally secure the hygiene in their facilities along with environmental protection.


Investments in buildings and technology

IKOCHIMIKI owns modern facilities in Greece and has made recent investments in:

  • Up-to-date and fully equipped research and development department.
  • Well organized production unit.
  • Sufficient warehouse for all products.
  • Privately owned transportation vehicles.
  • Modern and comfortable offices